Human biology

Massachusetts General Hospital and its collaborating institutions are important destinations for world-class care for patients with IBD, allergic disease of the gut and autoimmunity. As part of the initiative to link bench and bedside, we invite patients to participate in research efforts by providing clinical samples to both basic and translational researchers. The Xavier lab participates in many such cohort-building efforts, such as PRISM, SHARE, 500FG, and others. Insights from patient samples have led to advances in our understanding of both genetic and environmental risk factors for IBD and autoimmune disorders, responses to treatment, and the role of the microbiome in IBD and autoimmunity.

Examples of ongoing clinical cohort studies

LifeLines DEEP
500 FG
Framingham Heart Study

Recent products of cohort studies

Rivas et al.,

Nat Genet

Ananthakrishnan et al.,

Am J Gastroenterol

Jostins et al.,


Knights et al.,

Genome Med

Kleinnijenhuis et al.,