Ruvkun, Gary

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Gary Ruvkun is a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ruvkun is a graduate of UC Berkeley (AB, Biophysics,1973) and Harvard (PhD Biophysics, 1982).

Dr. Ruvkun’s honors and awards include the Rosenstiel Award from Brandeis University (with Victor Ambros, Andy Fire, and Craig Mello), the Warren Triennial Prize from Massachusetts General Hospital (with Victor Ambros), the Benjamin Franklin Medal from the Franklin Institute (with Victor Ambros and David Baulcombe), the Gairdner International Award from the Gairdner Foundation of Canada (with Victor Ambros), the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research (with Victor Ambros and David Baulcombe), the Louisa Horwitz Prize from Columbia University (with Victor Ambros), the Shaul and Meira Massry Prize (with Victor Ambros), the Dan David Prize for Aging research (with Cynthia Kenyon), the Ipsen Foundation Longevity Prize, the Wolf Prize in Medicine (with Victor Ambros and Nahum Sonenberg), the Gruber Genetics Prize (with Victor Ambros), the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences (with Victor Ambros), the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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Selected Publications (from total of 181)


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Corrigendum: MXL-3 and HLH-30 transcriptionally link lipolysis and autophagy to nutrient availability.
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